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What Options Do You Recommend for Picky Eaters?
What Options Do You Recommend for Picky Eaters?

Explore recommended meal options for picky eaters from Little Spoon.

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At Little Spoon, we understand that picky eaters can be a challenge, and we're here to help. We have several fan-favorite Plates that are perfect for picky eaters.

Hidden Veggies + Superfoods:

  • Every Plate is thoughtfully crafted to include hidden veggies and superfoods, ensuring that your child receives a balanced and nutritious meal.

Some Popular Choices:

  • Here are a few familiar favorites that our picky eaters love:

    • Mac & Three Cheese

    • Four Cheese Ravioli

    • Chicken Super Nuggets

    • Cauli Tots

It's important to keep in mind that taste preferences and picky eating habits can change over time. Did you know that kids' taste buds change every three months? That's why we always recommend adding in new Plates for your child to explore and discover new flavors. Navigating picky eating can be a journey, and we're here to provide delicious and nutritious meal options to support your child's evolving palate.


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