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Can I Order Both Babyblends and Biteables at the Same Time?
Can I Order Both Babyblends and Biteables at the Same Time?

Ordering Babyblends and Biteables Simultaneously

Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! At Little Spoon, we understand the diverse needs of growing families, and many of our customers enjoy the convenience of receiving both Babyblends and Plates. Here's how it works:

  • Simultaneous Deliveries: You can have both Babyblends and Biteables plans active at the same time. We offer the flexibility to schedule these deliveries to arrive together for added convenience, or on alternating weeks, depending on your preference.

  • Creating Your Plans: To get started, simply create your plans for Babyblends and Biteables. Once your plans are set up, you can customize your delivery schedule to suit your family’s needs.

  • Separate Plans: Currently, Babyblends and Biteables must be ordered as separate plans. We're working towards integrating these options into a single plan in the future to streamline the process further.

Whether you're feeding an infant, a toddler, or both, Little Spoon is here to support you with nutritious, convenient meal options for every stage of childhood.

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