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How Can I Adjust the Quantity of My Little Spoon Shipment?
How Can I Adjust the Quantity of My Little Spoon Shipment?

Changing Your Little Spoon Shipment Size

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Whether you're looking to increase the quantity for a growing appetite or decrease it for any reason, adjusting your Little Spoon shipment size is straightforward. Here's how to customize your plan size, whether for a single delivery or all future orders:

Changing Plan Size for One Delivery:

  1. Log In: Start by logging into your Little Spoon account.

  2. Navigate to Delivery Schedule: Go to your Delivery Schedule to see a list of your upcoming orders.

  3. Modify Your Order: Find the order you wish to change and click 'Modify' next to it.

  4. Adjust Meal Quantities: Use the + or - buttons to add or subtract the meals you want to adjust in your order. Make sure to click "save" after making your adjustments.

Changing Plan Size for All Upcoming Orders:

  1. Follow Individual Order Steps: Begin with the same steps you would for changing a single order.

  2. Apply to All Orders: When prompted to save your changes, select 'All Upcoming Orders'. This will apply your new plan size to all future deliveries in your subscription.

These steps ensure you have the flexibility to adjust your meal plan size according to your needs, keeping mealtime perfectly aligned with your family's requirements.

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