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What makes lunchers different from grocery store options?
What makes lunchers different from grocery store options?
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Packing a healthy and fun lunch for your kids can feel exhausting. Lunchers are all about creating buildable, customizable meals that capture your kiddo's imagination while offering the independence and fun they crave. The meals are made with clean and fresh ingredients that are as wholesome as what they would prepare at home. Our secret lies in a carefully selected range of high-quality, fresh ingredients that prioritize nutrition without sacrificing taste by incorporating hidden veggies and superfoods, ensuring that your kids get the nutrients they need while still enjoying every bite.

We use organic fruits, veggies, and spices whenever possible and currently use over 100+ organic ingredients in our products. You can see the exact breakdown for each product in the Nutrition Facts in our menus, let us know if you have any questions at all!


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