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What Age Are Little Spoon Lunchers Suitable For?
What Age Are Little Spoon Lunchers Suitable For?

Find out the recommended age for Little Spoon Lunchers and their features designed for kids' independence at mealtime.

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Age Recommendation:

  • Little Spoon Lunchers are ideal for children age 4 and up, though they're also a hit with some younger kids!

Designed for Independence:

  • Our packaging is specifically designed to be easy to open, enabling your kiddo to prepare their own lunchtime creations without needing help, whether at school or on-the-go.

Convenience Factor:

  • A major plus is that Lunchers do not require heating, making them a hassle-free option for nutritious and enjoyable meals.

With Little Spoon Lunchers, mealtime becomes an opportunity for kids to exercise independence, enjoying delicious and healthy meals crafted just for their needs and preferences.


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