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How Long Will Little Spoon Snacks Stay Fresh?
How Long Will Little Spoon Snacks Stay Fresh?

Find out how long Little Spoon snacks stay good and get tips for maintaining their freshness.

Updated over a week ago

Each snack package is labeled with an expiration date for your convenience. This date indicates how long the snack is good for.

Sealed for Freshness:

  • We recommend keeping your snacks sealed until you're ready to enjoy them. This helps maintain their freshness and quality.

Pantry-Friendly Convenience:

  • Our snacks are pantry-friendly and do not require refrigeration. They can be stored in your cupboard, pantry, or any cool, dry place.

  • This makes them perfect for when you're on the go and hunger strikes.

Keep Moisture Out:

  • For snacks like our loops, use a chip clip to seal the bag tightly and prevent moisture from getting in. This helps ensure that your loops stay nice and crunchy.

By checking the expiration date, following these freshness tips, and enjoying the convenience of pantry-friendly snacks, you can savor the deliciousness wherever you are.

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