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What Are Veggie Loops?
What Are Veggie Loops?

Little Spoon's crunchy healthy snack with hidden veggies and avocado oil.

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Our Veggie Loops are a baked (not fried!) chickpea-based crunchy snack in a delightful loop shape that add a playful twist to your kiddo's snacktime. We've seasoned them with hidden veggies and only use high-quality, expeller pressed avocado oil. Each serving of Veggie Loops has 2-3 grams of protein thanks to the power of chickpeas as the first ingredient. Veggie loops are completely gluten free!

They don't melt like puffs or yogurt melts so we recommend them for kiddos that are comfortable with a crunchy snack. Our flavors are: Mac and Cheesy, Pizzalicious and Pancake Party! One bag of Veggie Loops includes 4 servings.

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