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Do You Offer Vegan Babyblend Options?
Do You Offer Vegan Babyblend Options?

Discover if Little Spoon offers vegan Babyblend options and learn more about the quality of our ingredients.

Updated over a week ago

The majority of our Babyblends feature vegan ingredients, aligning with our commitment to provide wholesome and nutritious meals.

We take pride in our USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified blends, crafted using the finest locally sourced produce available.

Exception for Chicken Bone Broth Blends:

  • Please note that our Babyblends are vegan, with the exception of just two Stage 5 blends that contain Chicken Bone Broth.

  • These blends are the only exceptions to our vegan offerings.

Quality Assurance:

  • Our focus on quality ensures that you can trust the ingredients in every Babyblend we offer.

Explore our full menu to discover the wide range of delicious and nutritious options available for your little one.

By providing vegan options and upholding stringent quality standards, we aim to offer the best for your child's nutritional needs.


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