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Can You Explain the Little Spoon Babyblends Stages?
Can You Explain the Little Spoon Babyblends Stages?

Explore the stages of Little Spoon Babyblends, designed to support your baby's development and palate training.

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Supporting Development:

  • Our Babyblends are categorized into stages to assist parents in navigating their baby's development and palate training during the crucial first year of life.

Stage 1 - Single Ingredient Blends:

  • These are the introductory blends, featuring single ingredients that are smooth and simple, perfect for your baby's first tastes and puree introduction.

Stage 2 - Two Ingredient Blends:

  • Ideal for babies ready to explore combinations and new ingredients, these blends contain two ingredients, offering a smooth texture.

Stage 3 - Three Ingredient Blends:

  • These blends are designed to expand your baby's palate with three ingredients and a smooth texture. They incorporate fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Stage 4 - Multi-Ingredient Blends:

  • Featuring thicker textures, these blends offer unique combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, oils, and superfoods.

Stage 5 - Advanced Combination Blends:

  • Designed for advanced eaters, these blends include thicker textures and chunkier ingredients. They encompass fruits, vegetables, legumes, superfoods, chicken bone broth, herbs, spices, oils, and ancient grains.

Stage 6 - Transition Meals:

  • Transition to table foods and baby-led weaning with these textured and thicker meals. They contain whole pieces of vegetables, legumes, and ancient grains.

Our stages are tailored to provide the right textures and ingredients for each phase of your baby's growth and development, making the process easy and intuitive for parents.


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