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How Do I Update My Shipping Address?
How Do I Update My Shipping Address?

Learn how to update your shipping address for seamless Little Spoon deliveries.

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Keeping Your Address Current:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date shipping address is crucial for the smooth delivery of your Little Spoon orders.

Steps to Update:

  1. Access Your Account: Start by logging into your Little Spoon account. Your account is where you can manage all aspects of your orders and account details.

  2. Navigate to Account Details: Once logged in, click on the "Account Details" tab within your account. This section contains your personal information related to your account.

  3. Update Address: In the "Account Details" tab, you'll find the option to update your shipping address. Make the necessary changes to reflect your new address.

  4. Save Changes: Ensure that you save these changes. Your updated address will be used for all your future orders with Little Spoon.

By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly keep your shipping address updated, guaranteeing that your Little Spoon deliveries always arrive at the correct location.

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