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Can I Purchase Little Spoon Bibs, Coolers, or Other Merchandise Alongside My Meals?
Can I Purchase Little Spoon Bibs, Coolers, or Other Merchandise Alongside My Meals?

Purchasing Little Spoon Merchandise

Updated over a week ago

Yes, you certainly can! Little Spoon is more than just a provider of nutritious meals for your little ones; we also offer a range of fun and practical merchandise for our valued family members. Whether you're in need of a bib, cooler, or looking to sport some Little Spoon swag, here's how you can add merchandise to your orders:

Adding Merchandise to Your Order:

  1. Log In to Your Account: Start by logging into your Little Spoon account. This is where you can manage all aspects of your subscription, including adding merchandise.

  2. Navigate to Delivery Schedule: Once logged in, go to your delivery schedule. This is where you'll see upcoming deliveries and have the option to modify them.

  3. Add Merchandise: Look for the "ADD MERCH" button on the order page for the delivery when you'd like to receive your Little Spoon merchandise. Selecting this option will allow you to browse and add available merchandise items to your order.

  4. Complete Your Selection: After choosing the items you wish to add, simply complete the process, and your selected merchandise will be included with your scheduled delivery.

Stay Updated on New Merchandise:

  • We regularly update our merchandise offerings with new and exciting items. Be sure to check our merch shop regularly for the latest additions and grab your favorites!

Adding merchandise to your Little Spoon order is a great way to enjoy even more of what Little Spoon has to offer, from practical items like bibs and coolers to fun swag that celebrates your part in our family!


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