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My Child Is Refusing to Eat. What Can I Do?
My Child Is Refusing to Eat. What Can I Do?

What to Do if Your Child is Exhibiting Signs of Picky Eating

Updated over a week ago

t's common for children to be hesitant about new flavors or to suddenly reject foods they previously enjoyed. Remember, patience is key. Here are some strategies to encourage your little one:

  • Repeated Exposure: It may take up to 15 times tasting a new flavor before your child starts to like it. This is a normal part of palate training.

  • Mix Flavors: Combine a new taste with something familiar. This can make the unfamiliar more acceptable.

  • Empower Them: Children's tastes change significantly, even every three months. If your child suddenly dislikes a favorite meal, involve them in meal selection. Feeling empowered by choosing what to eat can make a big difference.

  • Introduce Dipping Sauces: Dipping is not only fun but also introduces new flavors and textures. Plus, it's great for developing fine-motor skills. Little Spoon offers five delicious sauces that complement all our meals, making this an excellent strategy for picky eaters.

Remember, these changes in taste are perfectly normal and part of their development!

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