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How Will My Little Spoon Order Arrive?
How Will My Little Spoon Order Arrive?
Updated over a week ago

Ensuring your Little Spoon products arrive in the best condition is our priority. Here's what you can expect when your order arrives:

  • Packaging: Your cold products, including Babyblends, Plates, and Smoothies, will arrive in an insulated box. This packaging is designed to maintain the optimal temperature during transit.

  • Temperature Control: To keep the contents fresh, we include gel ice packs in every box. Depending on your location and the transit conditions, your order may also come with dry ice.

  • Condition Upon Arrival: Upon receiving your order, the products should feel cool to the touch. This indicates they have been kept at the correct temperature throughout their journey to you.

  • Handling Frozen Products: While our products are shipped fresh, some may arrive partially frozen due to transit conditions. This is perfectly normal. You can either store these products in your refrigerator to thaw or place them directly in your freezer for longer storage.

Our careful packing methods are designed to ensure that your Little Spoon meals arrive fresh and ready to enjoy, providing your family with nutritious and delicious options.

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