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Can I Have Separate Little Spoon Plans for Each of My Children?
Can I Have Separate Little Spoon Plans for Each of My Children?
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! Little Spoon makes it easy to cater to the nutritional needs of families with multiple children, each at different stages of growth and development. Here’s how you can set up multiple active plans:

Setting Up Multiple Plans:

Start with Your First Plan: Select the plan and portion size that suits your first child and proceed to the checkout page. Here, click on 'Checkout + Select Meals' to finalize your choices.
Add Additional Plans: After setting up the first plan, navigate to 'Plans and Orders' in your account. This is where you can manage and add more plans.
Select Another Plan: Choose the next plan type and size for your other child(ren) and proceed to the checkout page again.
Finalize Your Plans: Double-check your information to ensure everything is correct, then click 'Checkout + Select Meals' to add the additional plan(s).

Managing Your Plans:

Once you have multiple plans set up, you can easily manage all of them under the 'Plans and Orders' section in your account. This centralized management system allows you to adjust, pause, or update each child’s plan individually, ensuring that each of your children receives meals that are perfectly suited to their needs.

Little Spoon is here to support your family’s journey by providing nutritious, convenient, and customizable meal plans for children of all ages.

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