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Do I Need to Start with Veggies First When Introducing Solids to My Baby?
Do I Need to Start with Veggies First When Introducing Solids to My Baby?

Choosing Veggies or Fruit For Starting Solids

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The debate between introducing vegetables before fruits to prevent a preference for sweet tastes is a common one among parents and caregivers. While the theory suggests starting with vegetables might help avoid developing a sweet tooth, practical experience often tells a different story.

Understanding Babies' Natural Preferences:

  • Babies naturally have a preference for sweet flavors, a trait likely influenced by the sweetness of breast milk. This innate preference means that babies might initially be more receptive to fruits than vegetables.

The Veggie-First Approach:

  • Although starting with vegetables is advocated by some as a way to accustom babies to less sweet flavors from the outset, this approach can sometimes be challenging, especially for breastfed babies accustomed to the sweetness of breast milk.

Success with Sweeter Vegetables:

  • Introducing sweeter vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes can be an effective compromise. These vegetables are naturally sweeter and may be more readily accepted by babies making their first foray into solids.

Balancing Fruits and Vegetables:

  • It's important not to be discouraged if your baby shows a strong preference for fruits over vegetables initially. Consistency and persistence in offering a variety of vegetables alongside fruits are key. With time and repeated exposure, babies are likely to develop a taste for vegetables as well.


  • The decision to start with vegetables or fruits doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing approach. Offering a variety of both, including sweeter vegetables, can provide a balanced introduction to solid foods. The goal is to expose your baby to a wide range of tastes and textures, encouraging a healthy relationship with food that includes both fruits and vegetables.

Remember, every baby is unique, and their acceptance of new foods will vary. Continuously offering a diverse selection of healthy foods, regardless of whether you start with fruits or vegetables, is what's most important for their nutritional development.

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