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How Do I Change the Number of Items in My Little Spoon Box?
How Do I Change the Number of Items in My Little Spoon Box?

Adjusting the Quantity of Products in Your Order

Updated over a week ago

Want to customize the number of items in your Little Spoon box? Whether you're looking to increase the variety for your growing baby or adjust based on your current needs, changing the quantity of products is straightforward. Here's how to do it:

Steps to Modify Your Box Size and Item Count:

  1. Access Your Delivery Schedule: Log in to your Little Spoon account and navigate to your Delivery Schedule.

  2. Tap "MODIFY": Find the "MODIFY" option to start customizing your upcoming delivery.

  3. View Box Size and Item Count: At the top of the menu selection page, you'll see your current box size along with the item count, indicating the number of products currently included in your box.

  4. Add or Remove Products: As you browse the menu, you can add or remove products. The changes in cost and quantity will be immediately reflected.

  5. Track Your Savings: A progress bar will show how adjustments to your box size bring you closer to unlocking additional savings.

  6. Review Your Order Summary: At the bottom of the menu selection, click on your Order Summary to view the updated subtotal and savings. This summary provides a clear overview of your adjustments.

Note on Viewing Complete Order Details:

  • While the Order Summary shows your subtotal and savings, it won't display available credits, coupons, or shipping costs. For a comprehensive breakdown of your order, including these details, visit the "Plans + Orders" tab in your account.

Customizing your Little Spoon box size and item count not only tailors your order to your specific needs but also allows you to manage your budget effectively, ensuring you get the most value from your subscription.


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