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Does My Baby Need Teeth to Try Biteables?
Does My Baby Need Teeth to Try Biteables?

Understanding whether your baby needs teeth to try Biteables, and providing guidance on safe mealtime practices.

Updated over a week ago

No, your baby does not need teeth to enjoy Biteables! We've designed our Biteables meals with your baby in mind, making them suitable for gumming, mashing, and chewing with their gums, which are surprisingly strong.

Crafted intentionally for safety: Our bite-sized pieces of food are intentionally crafted to be soft and easy for your baby to handle. You can introduce Biteables to your little one even before their teeth start coming in.

Food safety as a priority: However, it's crucial to emphasize safety during mealtime. Always supervise your baby while they are eating to prevent any choking hazards and ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.


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