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Are Biteables Safe for Babies? I'm Nervous About Choking.
Are Biteables Safe for Babies? I'm Nervous About Choking.

Learn about the safety of Biteables for babies and how to reduce the risk of choking.

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Choking is a common concern when introducing finger foods, and we want to assure you that your baby's safety is our top priority. Our Biteables are specially crafted with your peace of mind and your baby's development in mind.

Appropriate Size and Texture:

  • Biteables are cut to the appropriate size and cooked to be soft, making them safe for this important stage of your baby's development. As a general rule, if you can mash it between your thumb and forefinger, your baby can do the same with their gums, even without teeth!

Supervision is Key:

  • Always supervise your baby when they are eating, even if they are capable of feeding themselves. Keeping a close eye on them at all times is essential.

Encourage Chewing:

  • Encourage your baby to chew their food by demonstrating chewing motions and giving them time to work on each bite before offering another.

Avoid Risky Foods:

  • It's important to avoid foods that are small, hard, sticky, or round, as these are more likely to pose a choking risk. Examples include popcorn, nuts, grapes, or soft bread that can gum together.

Be Prepared:

  • Knowing what to do in case of choking is crucial. Consider taking a course in infant and child CPR or choking rescue to be prepared to act quickly if needed. Being prepared can help reduce anxiety.

Individual Development:

  • Keep in mind that every baby is unique, and it's essential to monitor your child's development and adjust your feeding approach as necessary. If you're unsure or anxious, work closely with your pediatrician to create the right plan for your baby's needs.

Remember, you've got this, and we're here to support you on your baby's feeding journey.

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