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Does Little Spoon Partner With the Clean Label Project?
Does Little Spoon Partner With the Clean Label Project?

Little Spoon Awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award

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Yes, Little Spoon voluntarily partners with the Clean Label Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to consumer transparency. As part of this partnership, we take proactive steps to ensure the safety and quality of our food. Here's how we collaborate with the Clean Label Project:

  1. Contaminant Testing: We regularly conduct testing on our finished Babyblends to check for the presence of over 400 contaminants. This rigorous testing helps us maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in our products.

  2. Blind Testing: Throughout the year, we participate in blind testing as part of our commitment to transparency and quality assurance.

  3. Ingredient Sourcing: We use more than 100 USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO ingredients in our Babyblends. These ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers who follow the best agricultural practices, including soil quality testing.

Our partnership with the Clean Label Project underscores our dedication to providing safe, nutritious, and high-quality food for your little one. We prioritize transparency and the well-being of your baby in every step of our process.

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