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How Does Little Spoon Ensure the Safety of Babyblends?
How Does Little Spoon Ensure the Safety of Babyblends?

Keeping Babyblends Safe and Fresh

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At Little Spoon, the safety and nutritional quality of our Babyblends are our top priorities. Here’s how we ensure each meal is safe for your baby:

  • Cold Pressure Technology: We utilize Cold Pressure (High Pressure Processing or HPP) as a modern alternative to traditional heat pasteurization. This innovative method effectively kills harmful bacteria without compromising the quality of the food.

  • Preserving Nutrients and Taste: Cold Pressure allows us to lock in the essential vitamins, nutrients, taste, color, and texture of our Babyblends. It’s a gentle process that ensures the food retains its natural goodness, just like homemade.

  • Free from Additives: Thanks to the effectiveness of HPP, there’s no need for additives, preservatives, colors, or stabilizers in our Babyblends. This means you’re giving your baby pure, wholesome nutrition with every spoonful.

  • Refrigeration Is Key: Given the absence of preservatives, it’s crucial to keep Babyblends refrigerated until it’s time to feed your baby. This ensures the meals stay fresh and safe for consumption.

Cold Pressure is a proven technology used in many food products, including cold-pressed juices and hummus, guaranteeing that our Babyblends are not only nutritious but also safe for your little one.

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