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Do Babyblends Contain Common Allergens?
Do Babyblends Contain Common Allergens?

Babyblends and Common Allergens Details

Updated over a week ago
  • Plant-Based: Our Babyblends are 100% plant-based, ensuring they're free from common allergens such as soy, dairy, and nuts.

  • Kitchen and Equipment: We maintain an allergen-free environment in our kitchen and with our equipment to prevent cross-contamination. The only exception is wheat, which is present in our transition meals.

Important Note:

  • Pediatrician Consultation: While our Babyblends are crafted with care to avoid common allergens, we recommend consulting with your pediatrician for personalized guidance on introducing allergens to your child's diet.

By choosing our Babyblends, you're opting for a worry-free solution to your child's nutrition, especially if you're navigating dietary restrictions due to allergies. Always check the packaging for the most current ingredient information.

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