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Is It Okay If My Babyblends Arrive Frozen?
Is It Okay If My Babyblends Arrive Frozen?

Learn what to do if your Babyblends arrive frozen and understand how it impacts their safety and shelf life.

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Food Safety Process:

  • Cold Environment Packaging: To ensure food safety, all orders are packed and stored in a cold environment, nearly freezing, before shipping.

  • Frozen Gel Packs or Dry Ice: Each box contains several pounds of frozen gel packs or dry ice, guaranteeing that your products stay cold, fresh, and ready for consumption upon arrival.

Frozen Upon Arrival:

  • Safety and Shelf Life: If your Babyblends cups arrive frozen, there's no need for concern. This doesn't affect their safety or shelf life.

  • Storage Options:

    • Freezer Storage: Feel free to store the blends in your freezer, where they can be kept for up to 3 months. Defrost them one at a time as needed.

    • Refrigerator Storage: Alternatively, you can place them directly in the fridge. In this case, use them within 14 days to enjoy their freshness.

Our packaging and shipping methods are designed with the utmost care to ensure that your Babyblends arrive in the best condition, whether they're frozen or chilled.


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