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How Often Are Babyblends Made?
How Often Are Babyblends Made?

Production Frequency of Little Spoon Babyblends

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Ensuring the freshness and safety of our Babyblends is a top priority at Little Spoon. Here’s how we maintain the highest quality in our baby food:

  • Weekly Fresh Batches: Our Babyblends are made fresh every week in our kitchen located in Southern California. This regular production schedule allows us to provide you with the freshest meals possible for your baby.

  • Cold Pressure Technology: To preserve the freshness and safety of our Babyblends while maintaining their nutritional integrity, we utilize Cold Pressure Technology. Also known as High-Pressure Processing (HPP), this technology eliminates harmful bacteria while keeping all the beneficial properties intact, just as if you had made it fresh at home.

  • Shelf Life: Thanks to Cold Pressure Technology, our Babyblends can be safely stored and remain fresh until they reach your home. Once you receive your delivery, we recommend that the refrigerated food be consumed within 14 days to ensure the best taste and nutritional quality.

This approach allows us to deliver freshly made, nutritious, and safe Babyblends to families across the US, ensuring your little one enjoys food that’s as close to homemade as possible.

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