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Are Little Spoon Babyblends Plant-Based Only?
Are Little Spoon Babyblends Plant-Based Only?
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We're committed to providing well-balanced, nutritionally optimized, and delicious meals for your baby. Here's how we approach the composition of our Babyblends:

  • Collaborative Design: Our Babyblends are thoughtfully designed in collaboration with pediatricians, nutritionists, and chefs. This ensures that every meal we offer is not only tasty but also supports your baby's nutritional needs and development.

  • Predominantly Plant-Based: Nearly all our Babyblends are plant-based. We believe in the power of plants to provide the necessary nutrients for your baby's growth. This approach allows us to create meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

  • Protein-Rich Blends Without Meat: While we generally do not include meat in our blends, we ensure that our meals contain significant levels of protein. This is achieved through plant-based sources such as legumes, grains, and seeds, which are excellent for your baby's health and development.

  • Exceptions with Chicken Bone Broth: There are two exceptions to our plant-based approach. Our Stage 5 Blends include:

    • Veggies + Millet with Chicken Bone Broth

    • Squash + Ancient Grains with Chicken Bone Broth These blends incorporate chicken bone broth to add depth to the nutritional profile without relying on meat as a primary ingredient.

Our goal is to cover all nutritional bases, ensuring your baby receives everything they need for healthy development. Whether through plant-based ingredients or the careful inclusion of chicken bone broth in select blends, Little Spoon is dedicated to your child's well-being.


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