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Does Little Spoon Use Organic Meat in Their Products?
Does Little Spoon Use Organic Meat in Their Products?

Little Spoon Meat Quality Sourcing and Details

Updated over a week ago

All of our meat and eggs are antibiotic and hormone-free and humanely raised. We source our chicken and turkey from Mary's - an amazing farm we're proud to work with! You can check them out at Any pork we use comes exclusively from farms where pigs are humanely raised, meaning they have more space to move around and are treated with care. Plus, our pork does not contain added sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite, aligning with our commitment to health and quality.

Our farm partner Raise American uses organic practices with their grass-fed beef but our beef is not currently certified organic. We do have several organic ingredients in the plate which include the veggies, chicken stock, and extra virgin olive oil in the sauce! All ingredients with an asterisk are 100% certified organic. We’re dedicated to providing not only tasty, but also ethically responsible products.

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