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Does Little Spoon Have Early Finger Food Options?
Does Little Spoon Have Early Finger Food Options?

Discover our selection of early finger food options known as Biteables.

Updated this week

Absolutely! We understand that little fingers are perfect for self-feeding, and that's why we've introduced Biteables to our menu. These are ideal for your self-feeding baby who is ready to explore new textures.

Perfect for Self-Feeding:

  • These Biteables are designed to be the perfect size and texture for your baby's self-feeding adventures. They're not only tasty but also safe for your little one to explore and enjoy.

Convenience and Nutrition:

  • We've crafted these options with both convenience and nutrition in mind, so you can feel good about offering them to your baby during this exciting stage of exploration.

Get ready for some delicious self-feeding moments with our Biteables!

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