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How Can I Add Healthy Snacks to My Little Spoon Order?
How Can I Add Healthy Snacks to My Little Spoon Order?

Adding Healthy Snacks to Your Little Spoon Plan

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Little Spoon now offers four delicious and healthy snack options to complement your little one's meal times or to pack in a lunchbox for those busy, on-the-go moments. Here’s how you can start a snacks plan and what you need to know about our new offerings:

New Snacks Options:

  1. Rippers: A pack of 5 starts at $2.32. Perfect for a quick, nutritious bite.

  2. Oat Bakes: Packs of 5 start at $5.32, offering a wholesome, oat-based treat.

  3. Dipsters: Available in packs of 3, starting at $7.32, for a fun dipping experience.

  4. Veggie Loops: Each bag contains 4 servings, starting at $3.32, for a veggie-packed snack.

Starting a Snacks Plan:

  • Minimum Quantity: You can begin a snacks plan with as little as 5 snacks, allowing for customization based on your needs and preferences.

  • Variable Pricing: The price of your snack plan can vary according to the quantity and types of snacks selected. This flexibility lets you tailor your snack selections to your child's tastes and your budget.

Adding Snacks to Your Order:

  1. Modify Your Order: Log into your Little Spoon account and head to your Delivery Schedule. Click 'modify' on your next order to make changes.

  2. Select Snacks: Navigate to the Snacks tab, where you’ll see our new snack options. Use the + sign under the snacks you’d like to add and adjust the quantities as desired.

  3. Check Quantities: Remember, the quantities per snack selected vary. Be sure to check the details here for more information on what’s included with each snack option.

Adding healthy snacks to your Little Spoon plan is an easy way to ensure your child has access to nutritious options throughout the day, no matter how busy life gets.

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