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How Do I Know If My Baby Is Ready for Little Spoon Biteables?
How Do I Know If My Baby Is Ready for Little Spoon Biteables?

Discover the signs that indicate when your baby is ready to try Little Spoon Biteables.

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Little Spoon Biteables are specially crafted for babies under 1 year old who are ready to transition to table foods.

Signs of Readiness:

  • Keep an eye out for signs that your baby is prepared for Biteables. These signs may include:

    • Chewing Ability: Your baby can chew and move food around in their mouth.

    • Interest in Table Foods: They show interest in the foods you and your family eat.

    • Fine Motor Skills: They can pick up and hold small pieces of food and bring them to their mouth successfully.

    • Imitating Behavior: Your baby may want to imitate your eating behavior or grab for the food you're eating.

    • Preference for Solid Foods: Some babies may start rejecting purees, indicating their readiness to progress to more solid foods.

Unique Progression: Remember that every baby develops at their own pace. If your baby isn't quite ready to move on from purees, that's perfectly fine. Continue offering a variety of textures, and they will eventually transition to more solid foods when they are ready.

Understanding the signs of readiness is essential in ensuring a smooth transition to Little Spoon Biteables and other table foods. Be patient and supportive of your baby's unique developmental journey.

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