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Can I Change My Little Spoon Delivery Day?
Can I Change My Little Spoon Delivery Day?

Find out if it's possible to change your Little Spoon delivery day and what factors may affect the estimated delivery date.

Updated over a week ago

Little Spoon ships orders throughout the week, and the estimated delivery day is determined based on your zip code and transit area.

Inability to Request Specific Days:

  • Due to our shipping logistics and the way we calculate delivery dates, we are unable to accommodate requests for specific delivery days.

Considerations for Address Changes:

  • It's important to note that if you change your address, whether it's for a vacation or a new home, it may impact your estimated delivery date.

While we cannot offer the option to select a specific delivery day, our system is designed to provide you with a convenient delivery based on your location. Please keep in mind the potential impact on the estimated delivery date when making address changes.

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